Question Windows 10 no video signal

Feb 20, 2019
I have a iBuyPower built computer that I have been running for about two years and this problem has happened before but it fixed itself and I don't know why I'm now having the same problem and I'm not sure what is going on. I have read other threads and a lot seems to be that the problem is updates but I haven't had any updates done on this computer for a bit.

Steps I've taken

Reset cmos battery

Unplugged all components other than HDMI for monitor including motherboard audio, front USB header, graphics card, and all of my peripherals

Attempted to access bios or safe mode

None of that works so I'd like to see if anybody here has any suggestions.

System specs
Asus z170-k Mobo
Intel i7 6700
Msi 1060 3gb

(I tried to find a link to it but I can't find any online)

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