Question Windows 10 not booting.

Jun 14, 2019
I just re-installed Win10 today because I haven't in about 2 years. Everything worked fine, except I couldn't format my HDD (installed Windows on SSD). Kept saying it had the system boot, page file, etc on it even though it was completely empty, so I force formatted it with a partition wizard (my mistake, I know, but it was seriously empty, and the windows files were on my SSD). Shut it down, came home a bit later and now it won't boot up (I wonder why). It's stuck at a black screen with a flickering underscore. I didn't enable safe mode beforehand so I can't even get to cmd to repair it and I have no bootable USB because I installed the Windows from the iso. Any idea on what to do? I don't have a big enough USB to make it bootable (wouldn't have where anyway).

PS: Sorry for grammatical mistakes and all that, it's just that it's 1 AM and I've been dealing with this crap al day.