Windows 10 on XBOX One

Jun 19, 2018
Intro: I am a loyal PC gamer (built a few rigs, with my most recent one being a Ryzen 5 2600X with a GTX 1070) and I play most of my games on PC and some on XBOX One X. I don't think the Steam Machines really made significant strides on the console gaming community. So, for this reason, I am proposing the following for a college class I am taking:


I am constructing a proposal paper for a college class in which I discuss the problems I see with the absence of productivity applications on video game consoles (such as the XBOX One). One might say that the XBOX One is primarily a video game apparatus; however, XBOX One was somewhat advertised as the all-in-one answer for the solution of multiple demands by consumers.

My proposal is for Microsoft to enable XBOX One and future gaming consoles to either: 1. Run similar programs on the XBOX such as Microsoft Office, and other PC based productivity programs; with support for peripherals (keyboard, mouse, sketch pad...etc.) or 2. Provide the option to install Windows as a primary or secondary operating system on XBOX (to include support for peripherals)—which will subsequently enable for the utilization of Windows based programs.

The proposed solutions which I describe, I feel, are the logical direction that the computing and gaming industry should move to; considering the exponential growth of technology and the probability that most systems (computer and gaming) will move to nanotechnology in the short-run and may even evolve into a sort of a hybrid human-computer interface (which is far-fetched but not implausible) in the long-run. In light of the probabilities stated, I don’t see how tablets, laptops, PCs and video game consoles can remain separated in the marketplace, well perhaps excluding mobility reasons. It is only a matter of time until the PC is obsolete, and the same power can be truly imbedded within consoles right next to our living room television. I argue that the XBOX One X already has this capability.

I have 3 questions regarding my proposals stated above that I would like answered by professionals in this community: 1. What is the likelihood that Microsoft would consider these proposals? 2. If these proposals are unattainable, for what reasons would Microsoft decline the enactment of them? 3. If these proposals are already in the works, for what reasons is Microsoft heading towards this direction and when can we expect to see a truly all-in-one system.


Rich L.

Phillip Corcoran

"It is only a matter of time until the PC is obsolete"

I don't agree - - - millions of dollars are invested in standalone computer and computer parts manufacture, and a good percentage of the public don't want an all-in-one system in their living rooms anyway - - we are not all gamers either, so a games console doesn't appeal, even if it can do cartwheels or play a Mozart concerto.

There will always be a demand for no-nonsense, standalone computers - - in offices, home offices, advanced & amateur photographers who do all their editing digitally, and general PC enthusiasts.