Question Windows 10 Partition and Space missing

May 4, 2019
Hi dear community!

I've got a big problem. I needed to update my macOS (which wasn't any problem in the past).
I'm using a MacBook (2015) with Windows and MacOS installed via Bootcamp.

I've made a 50 GB partition for my Mac, a 400 GB Partition for Windows and another 250GB Partition for any other data (both, the 400 and 250GB partitions are NTFS and only for windows use).

After the update, my econd (250GB) Partition is gone. It's not being recognized as partition anymore.

While looking on "My PC", the C Partition still has 400 GB. In the Windows Disk Utility, the capacity of the Volume is also displayed with 400 GB, while in the disk display at the bottom of the window, the capacity is at 656 GB.

Image of Windows Disk Utility (as image upload doesn't work for me currently)

And here come the worst part: I currently don't know if the data is erased or still there, the display tells me the correct amount of capacity.

I can't shrink nor enhance the volume.

So what can I do?
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Can't say I seen them disagree like that before

Try this in disk management
Click Action
rescan disks

it might make them agree,

I don't know about the data exactly, its possible what was on C is okay but the missing partition is an unknown.