Question Windows 10 pro 64bit


Jul 29, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I installed Windows 10 pro 64bit version on my computer. All of my parts should be compliant. Windows keeps freezing up on me. My motherboard is Asus Sabertooth P67. I checked the website for the windows 10 device drivers, and they don't really have much other than 2 drivers. Neither of them are the chipset either.

Anyway, I only installed Windows 10, nothing else. No antivirus or malware apps, just windows 10. It freezes up and becomes non responsive. So I attempted to reinstall Windows again thinking maybe the 1st install was bad, and then my PC wouldn't turn off lol.

So I did a 3rd install, I was able to shut down this time with no freezing. I also did 1 round of Windows updates. So far good, but I'm scared to power it on again and have it lock up on me. Any ideas?? I really don't want to build another pc. Also trying to find a motherboard with socket lga 1155 with Windows 10 approval is hard. Any advice??


Win 10 Master
what are the specs of PC apart from motherboard?

does it freeze up in safe mode? that would at least tell us if problem is a driver or not.

Being afraid to turn it on defeats entire purpose of the PC really :)

A P67 isn't going to have many drivers for 10 anyway. That goes with territory.

Its actually only got 1 Sound driver, the other one is a BIOS update from 2012. So its quite possible it could be a driver. Win 10 likely has newer versions of the sound driver anyway.

Is the win 10 you installed an upgraded licence from win 7?? What you might find to be more stable is install win 7 first as there are way more drivers for it compared to 10. Once its installed, upgrade it to win 10 via the USB and it will use the older drivers and maybe avoid the freezes. The licence will work in both 7 & 10 if it was originally a licence for 7.