Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise can't load videos through Edge browser but Home & Education can.

Jan 11, 2019
Story: Since I'm an Xbox player and use Microsoft, I use Edge as my main search engine because of rewards points and its simple design. One of the first days at my school lab, almost two years ago, I decided to start using Edge instead of Chrome on my computer. I tried to watch a video on YouTube but ended up being met with the problem as described down below vvv.
I figured it was the school's security blocking me from something or it was some setting that might have been changed by the school and was probably an easy fix. I didn't really mind that much for I could still watch videos on Chrome. Also YouTube and other websites loaded and played videos just fine on my home computer using Edge. Yesterday I installed a reasonably brand new hard drive in my home computer for an upgrade that came from the school's lab and already had a version of Windows 10 Pro N. When trying to play a video on my computer through Edge I had the same problem again. I came back to the lab the next day to figure out that all the computers with either Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise could not load videos through Edge while Home & Education worked perfectly fine.

Problem: Microsoft Edge web browser does not want to load videos of any type and on any website. If you go to YouTube and try to play a video it will not load the video or any ads and state the following: "Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available." "Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video." http:// The link goes to a page that shows what video formats your browser supports and mine has a red exclamation point by HTMLVideoElement.
I have read so many forum posts with the same type of problem and tried so many solutions but none seem to work. All I can figure out is that the problem only seems to affect Windows versions with extra networking and security features like Pro & Enterprise and not versions like Windows Home & Education.

Forums & Solutions I've read and tried:
and many more...

1. The lab I work in has over 50 computers in it so I'm pretty certain that the instructor didn't buy an individual copy of Windows for each and every computer. Maybe it has something to do with the how genuine the Windows is as for my hard drive that came from the lab says I need a key to Activate Windows.
2. Corrupt versions of Windows.
3. Some network setting or other setting is default-ly set to cause this problem by accident or something.

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