Question Windows 10 random restarts when idle ?


May 2, 2014
Good Morning All!

I am experiencing a weird and non-consistent behavior from my custom rig. I recently did a windows reset a few months ago because I downloaded Asus ArmoryCrate and it completely bricked my system to the point where I had to fully reinstall Windows 10 Pro.

I have updated every driver, done all available windows updates and everything I can think of on my own to try to combat a weird issue that has been happening.

While idle (for more than let's say, a few hours - typically overnight as it happens the most during that period) my computer will just straight up restart. I chalked it up to a new bitcoin mining software I was using and figured it was overheating so I switched the software. That didn't help, so I changed the software to mine on only one of my cards instead of both. No dice there. I then simply decided to not mine for a night and see if that was really the culprit (full well knowing it couldn't be since the PC was restarting prior to me mining) and naturally the pc restarted again.

I did my best to dig through Windows Event Viewer and it has spit out a bunch of information so I come to you good people to help me wade through this so we can figure out what is really going on. I updated the BiOS from the version being 2 years old to the most current (non-beta) version of the Asus Mobo. I updated my Intel onboard SATA drivers to be more current (thinking this may be HDD) related and that didn't seem to do anything either.

My specs are:

Asus Prime Z-390 A Motherboard
Intel i9 9900K CoffeeLake
32 GB of RAM
Windows 10 Pro 19042.985 (Future Experience Pack)
Corsair PSU 1200W
GPU: GeForce RTX 2070
GeForce 1060 3GB

I have several hard drives so that could also be an issue, my Windows OS is running on a 128 GB SSD

I suspect it may be also a USB related issue of some kind but really I am just not sure at this point.!Ajbt4S5WngqJguczPePiWvGRACjwJw?e=vxZqzd

I must also mention that while working on it (sometimes 8 hours consistent or even running games / apps and AFK'ing for a few hours) nothing happens. It never really (that I can recall) restarts while I am using it which puzzles me even further.

That is the link to the most recent minidump - please let me know if anything else is needed.

Thank you!
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Jun 10, 2021
Gonna start with the obvious, but it's not Windows Update restarting during "off peak" hours is it? Is the system overclocked at all? (Shouldn't be an issue if your system isn't restarting under heavy load, but still)