Question Windows 10 random shutdown

Dec 4, 2019
Hi guys,
About a week ago my pc started to randomly shutdown while gaming. The problem is very weird : sometimes i can game for 3 -5 hours and nothing happens , sometimes just after 5 minutes of just playing CS go .

The pc is acting like something is giving the shutdown command. it doesn't just turn off like you unplung from the wall , it is actually initiating the shutdown command as if you clicked "Shutdown" .

CPU and GPU temps are perfect , Windows is up to date, drivers also , Bitdifender not detecting anything, Malwarebytes also has no alerts. Ran a full system scan and i have 0 alerts.
I dont think the PSU is the problem because it doesn't just turn off like you unplung from the wall , it starts the shutdown procedure .
Last night it started to shut down while playing cs go i managed to press cancel . Event view looks like this : The attempt by user DESK-RPMOP to restart/shutdown computer DESK-RPMOP failed.
I ran prime 95 + MSI kombustor at the same time and it was ok.
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Welcome to the forums my friend!
  • What is your full system spec including PSU make and model?
  • Firstly I would verify that blue screens are enabled - please see the BSOD link in my signature below and configure your PC to create blue screens and dump files - it is just worth checking as a first port of call.
  • What are the absolute max temps you are experiencing on CPU and GPU (individual CPU cores are important, not overall package)?
  • Do you have any script or hotkeys assigned in any way?
  • Are there any other errors in Reliability History?
  • How have you ensured all your drivers are up to date?
  • Do you have latest BIOS installed?
  • Are you running any overclock / XMP at all?
Dec 4, 2019
  • Aorus Z390 Pro latest F11 Bios ,
  • 9700k stock - noctua noctua nh-d15 ,
  • Corsair vengeance ddr4 3000 -xmp enabled,
- Gigabyte RTX 2080 super OC
  • Seasonic Focus + Gold 850W.
  • Windows 10 1090.
Temps on CPU on prime small FFT - 85C max on core Gaming - 45 -55 C
Gpu Max 67C
I have no hotkeys script. Drivers up to date - clean install. No overclock .
BSOD seem enabled.
Reliability monitor has some errors in the last 10 days - only app crashes - rockstar game launcher , epic launcher and corsair icue.
I went to event viewer - there was an error right at the moment of the last shutdown attempt - Event ID 10010 - something about Microsoft OneConnect.
Things seem to have started after the last windows update.