Question Windows 10 Reinstall Blank Blue Screen

Aug 9, 2022
Hi all,
Specs are: cpu - i5 3570k, graphics - 1070 ti, motherboard - asrock z77 pro3, RAM - 16gb of cosair vengeance
To start I believe my motherboard is blown but I cannot figure this out. It is about 10 years old so it might just be that.

Computer was running fine the night before yesterday, then in the morning boot crash before windows, noticed my mouse backlight flickering, crash, then next boot no USB power, then power on and shut off after 10~ seconds, suspected CPU or mobo damage here. Cleaned out the insides for shorts, checked the CPU heatsink and seating as I had been doing some more overclocking recently, CPU itself is in perfect condition, some edge pins on the seat were beginning to collect dust so cleaned that out carefully, still crashing, cleaned the motherboard with isopropyl alcohol and picked out dust that might be causing shorts, couldn't find any obvious damage, cleaned RAM slots and so on, still powering on and off after 10 seconds. Thwacked the computer a few times to knock anything out and okay now booting! USB power back and then corrupted windows noooo! Main install goes to missing kernels or drivers.
The rest of the computers in the house are a macbook and macs all three of which have broken CD drives. Have an usb HDD and 8gb usb, boot camp assistant windows 10 2004 (from the last time my windows corrupted itself last year) and current version. Blinking underscore. Ok. Boot camp has failed me finally. Installed windows on virtualbox, media creation tool to HDD and USB, HDD boots to orange and white lines screen, usb boots to blank blue screen if I hit enter the asrock logo displays for the keypress then back to blank blue screen. Flashed newest BIOS. Same problems. Tried linux. ZTSD compression failure. No clue.
Downloaded Rufus, got to rufus change your boot priority on the usb drive, then get to a rufus driver log then blank blue screen, tried GPT and MBR, still the same, remembered I had a 32gb flash drive, tried that too with and without my drive plugged in and still the same. Can't get to windows repair screen with the two options only the recovery with 8 or so, the restart with safe mode etc. My beloved system :(

I am out of ideas. I believe my motherboard is fried. I can't tell. I am going to get a windows disc and try the CD drive. Then replace motherboard. Not a big deal at all.
I was having 2-3 blue screens a day with kernel/mem access violations that I thought was a bad file for a few weeks. BIOS and other screens froze randomly a few times but the BIOS is working generally so is it my motherboard?
Anything further I can do? Giving up for now.


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Jun 12, 2015
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