Question Windows 10 Repaired a hard drive on startup- can't access it any more?


Mar 11, 2016
Wondering if anyone has any advice on something that happened today.

  • On booting up my computer this morning, it displayed a message along the lines of "Repairing Drive E". I thought nothing of it to begin with, some of the parts in my computer (including that specific drive) are about 7 years old and occasionally run into issues. Nothing that's killed it yet, two big issues that were fixed by a video card update and a BIOS update respectively, and a couple smaller issues with easy fixes over the years. This is probably the first big issue I've had in about 3 years.
  • I noticed that one of the games I was playing just last night on Steam, one installed on that drive, had "Install" rather than "Play". So, I had a look at the drive in File Explorer to see what was going on there, except I couldn't. The drive has been renamed and clicking on it produces an error message displaying
So, as far as I can tell, something went wrong since shutting the PC down last night, Windows 10 tried to repair the drive on startup, and it's (seemingly) wiped everything I had on it. I've never had this particular problem before (or really any issues with a hard drive before), so I'm not sure what to do. Anyone have some suggestions for what might be going on or what I could do to find out? Is there any way I could, more importantly, recover what was on the drive? I don't care so much about the drive itself being useable again if that'll be an issue, but I do have things on it I'd rather not lose.

After some googling around I found chkdsk was a fairly common suggestion, but resulted in this error code that I can't seem to find much helpful information about:

If anyone could point me in the right direction to figuring out what that error code means, I'd be thankful.
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Phillip Corcoran

The error message (Parameter Incorrect) is too vague to be meaningful, but it's the drive scan (error checker) that's far more telling. It means the drive is failing and needs to be replaced. You can try recovery software to try and recover data but don't expect miracles --- keeping backups is far more prudent than relying on recovery software when disaster strikes.


"Replaced Bad Clusters in file..." messages are not good.
Run a SMART checking program like CrystaDiskInfo or HDDsmart and post results here.
I'm also thinking the harddrive is dying on you and needs replacing/warranty.