Question Windows 10 Reports "No internet" incorrectly.


Feb 22, 2016
Windows 10 says that I do not have internet even though I am indeed connected.

Background information. I am a contractor for Comcast(Xfinity), that does internet/TV/Phone installations for businesses, so I know a fair amount more than the average person when it comes to Networking, Modems, routers, but by all means NOT an expert.

My personal PC has, since I bought it, not been able to update windows or GeForce drivers for graphics card due to my PC saying that I have no internet. Let me explain that my PC does indeed have internet access and I am even using google chrome on said PC to write this post. Everything works fine on the PC except the updating of windows and all associated windows applications. Microsoft store doesnt work due to there being "no internet". I don't even have an internet icon in the task bar. The computer also doesn't have a wireless adapter so it will not connect to wifi. It is hardwired straight out of xfinity modem. I have replaced said modem multiple times over the ages whenever a new modem comes out. I have used this PC for about 2 years with this problem because it really never impacted me. I dont use any built in Windows apps and the games I play don't ever have an issue. However more and more recently games are requiring I update my GeForce drivers for Nvidea Graphics card to run it.

Key points:
windows 10 says there is no internet even though there is and all applications other than Microsoft application work fine.
I have no internet icon in the taskbar/tray

Things I have tried:
Dumping the existing update file and re downloading it.
Turning windows update off/on.
Uninstalling geforce drivers and reinstalling them.
restarting network adapters(refreshing as well)
Autoupdate for windows is turned off for now as is constantly prompts me to restart and fails everytime.

I would very much like my computer to update and recognize that I have internet. I think that this is the core of the problem. If ANYONE can please help me resolve this I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance for your expertise.