Windows 10 Restart Black Screen after update


Jan 24, 2018
Hi Folks

I installed a windows update yesterday restarted my machine. On reboot it got as far as the windows logo and then the screen went black. After waiting a while, I turned off my machine and booted it back up again with the same result.

I used my windows recovery disk to try to fix the problem but it was unable to do so, nor could I boot into safe mode.

I then went through the boot recovery process in command line bootrec (fixboot, fixmbr, rebuildbcd) etc to no avail.

Eventually I decided to format my ssd and reinstall windows 10 32-bit. The fresh install seems to work fine and I can boot into windows. However, as soon as I update my Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 graphics card drivers and restart, I'm again faced with the windows logo then a blank black screen (no cursor).

I've formatted the hard drive and reinstalled windows a number of times due to this black screen issue. The only time I don't get the black screen is if I don't update anything before restarting.

I've ran a memory test, cpu test, uninstalled my display drivers in safe mode. Tried installing updates in safe mode, basically tried all the suggested solutions I can find via Google to no avail.

Note: I've tried updates with and without the graphics drivers and each time I get the black screen.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can go from here?

Thanks for any assistance


Hello shakes911

You can try Running the SFC /SCANNOW Command from the Command Prompt. While running the command, please use the /OFFBOOTDIR=D:\ /OFFWINDIR=D:\ parameters.

If the above suggestion doesn't resolve the issue, your best bet would be to continue using Windows without updating it for a while, and wait for Microsoft to release another update, that might be more compatible with your computer's hardware.

The reason is, sometimes, the most updated drivers or Windows Updates themselves are not compatible with some hardware, and using their corresponding earlier versions perform comparatively better.

Please report back with the results, and we'll try to provide you with a better, more accurate solution if this fails to work.

Cheers!! :)

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