Question Windows 10 Restart very slow on an SSD


Dec 29, 2014
Recently, that is. Before it was going smooth. Now not only restarting takes about 1 full minute (or more!), before it was almost instant. Booting is now taking about 25-30 seconds (before it took from 5 to 10 seconds, tops), and any right-click I do on any file/folder makes that spinning blue wheel appear (I rarely saw it), and it takes 5 seconds for the right-click menu to come up. But the restart is really troubling me, much like Windows is working something in the background, and I have absolutely no idea what it is!

I mean, if it was always like that, no prob. But it's not the case (as I described it, everything was fine not long ago). It's currently driving me crazy.
I have another SSD drive plugged in, just to install games/software, and they all load up pretty quick, so to me it's pretty clear there's something amiss with the "main" SSD (the one what has the system installed). Sorry, I had no idea if I should've posted this here, or on the SSD thread, but I figured out since there's probably nothing physically wrong with the drive, then I could blame it on Windows 10 ;)

Please help. Any suggestions would be welcome.