Windows 10 screen intermittently turns off and on randomly, only when set as main desktop

Jul 11, 2018
Hello Everyone, please help me!

My laptop (ASUS N55SF, 2011) is behaving weirdly with my screen: it blanks out randomly just for a second or max a few seconds, really randomly (sometimes it's good for an hour and it starts going on and off for a few minutes than it stabilizes again).
This happens both with the built in screen and any external (VGA) monitor but ONLY if it is set as main desktop! Weird thing is that if I plug in my monitor and set it as extended, only my built in screen will have the issue, but if I set the external monitor as the main one, than it is the one flickering! That makes me thing this might be a software issue...

At the beginning I thought it was my GPU (nVidia GeForce GT 555M), so I deactivated it in device manager, the problem got less annoying (another unexplained thing), but persisted. So I gave a try rolling back my intel drivers (Integrated GPU is an HD 3000), without any luck. I even read that a third party software like AVG could create similar issues, so I removed AVG free that I had installed. Again no luck. I'm running Windows 10 to the latest version, did not notice any sudden change upon an important started something like 3-4 months ago...
I'm really confused about what is happening, if anyone can maybe get an idea of what might cause something like this, I'm all ears!!

Thanks for any help!


May 27, 2018
Hello. I have had this problem before on my desktop. This most likely means the refresh rate you're running the panel at is too high. (I have a 60hz monitor that must be run at 59hz or it won't work right) So you need to do some googling about making a custom display resolution. Make one that's the same resolution but 59hz. And then switch to it