Windows 10 | Sound acting very weird.


Sep 14, 2016
Hey there,

So for about a year now, i have had this SADES something something headset. It's chinese but it has amazing sound and very nice surround, especcially for the price. I have been using it on my pc, my laptop and my phone for the past year. I haven't had any trouble whatsoever. Until yesterday. I was listening to music on Spotify when i got a notification of a youtube video i wanted to see. I went to youtube and there wasn't any sound. Than, as i resumed Spotify, it stopped working too. I tried to adjust my volume but i couldn't hear the sound it makes when doing that, either. But then a windows notification came in and i could perfectly hear it. I tried testing my headset in sound settings. Worked perfectly. Tried using my headset on my laptop, worked perfectly. Maybe it's just a bad USB-slot? Nope. None of the others fixed the problem nor made it worse. Reinstalling drivers? Nope. Have you tried turning it off and on again? I have. Did it work? Nope. Soooo does anybody know what could be going on? I don't want to reinstall windows losing all my files again as in my last thread. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

EDIT: Also, my PC froze after trying to fix the issue with windows via their problemsolver. :)

2nd EDIT: Updated Windows, no change.