Aug 17, 2019
Hi everyone

Since the August 2019 update (kb4515384), I have a surround problem on my two computers. Nothing helps. On my mom's laptop (Win 8.1) everything works fine, same on ps4. I've formatted at least 10 times and it's still the same. I am simply without strength and totally reflective. It doesn't matter what the sound is playing on. Whether on a bluetooth speaker, minijack, usb or usb with a sound card. It was tested on Razer Kraken 7.1 V2, Razer Kraken Tournament Edition, Hyper X Cloud II, Sony SRS XB12, and noname earphones. I changed the sound frequency, reinstalled drivers, updated all drivers, including bios. For example, the music in the menu is at normal volume, but SFX is quieter by about 30-40%. YT Demonstration Video (Not Mine)