Windows 10 System tray icons disappeared and now I cannot turn back on?


Jul 4, 2015
Hi all,

I installed some malicious software unknowingly around a week ago, then 2 days ago I noticed that my volume and power system tray icons had disappeared.

I went into the settings to find out what is going on and the Volume, Power and User control Icons had been turned off but the problem is even though they are turned off they are also greyed off so I cannot change them from off to on.

When I installed this software it tried to change my User account to low/off and windows notified me that this software was trying to do this, I obviously did not allow it to change this and that is when I realised the software was malicious.

I removed all the programs that it had installed and also ran a scan with AVG which found 7 threats even though I had uninstalled these programs, so they have also now been removed.

But I still cannot change these Icons to appear as they did before I installed this malicious software, can anyone help with this as not being able to control the volume from the system tray and also not being able to see how much battery remaining is very frustrating.

Thank you in advance


Oct 7, 2009
Might I ask what this malicious software can be? If this installation of Windows 10 is via the upgrade process then I'd suggest reinstalling using a bootable UBS installer provided none of your internals/components have been changed since your last encounter with the malicious software. I'd have suggested the system restore approach / a repair install though I realized that you'd be best served by a re-installation.

Please pass on the make and model number of your laptop as well.