Windows 10 system32 folder gone


Oct 12, 2015
My computer that runs windows 10 suddenly gave this error: "automatic repair couldn't repair your pc". However, I didn't restart, shut down or repaired my computer. I had two options from there: Advanced options and shut down. First I tried shut down a few times, but it fell back into the automatic repair loop. Then I tried to start the pc in safe mode (I did this through advanced options), but the pc again fell back into the automatic repair loop. Then I opened the console to look into the log file, but in the WINDOWS folder, there was no system32 anymore! Any ideas what I could do without using the windows cd? Resetting from advanced options doesn't work. I dont really care if i lose my files, because they are backed up.
You could try an online repair with dsim, but it'll just be faster to download the windows 10 media creation tool ( on another computer and make yourself a Windows 10 installer USB/DVD

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