Question Windows 10 tablet wont turn on after changing BIOS settings

May 26, 2019
So, I foolishly messed with BIOS even though I didn't know how it would affect the system, and now the device won't even turn on.

I'm a using windows 10 tablet that came with keyboard. It is similar to a Microsoft Surface.

CMOS reset isn't possible because the battery and board are internal, meaning I would have to remove the screen.

I've tried booting everything I know; recovery, safe mode, terminal, etc. With no luck because the device won't even start. The charging light doesn't turn on when I put charger in, even though the cable works, as well as the adapter. When I press power, the power light turns on for a split second and disappears, with the screen still black. I too deleted any backups of software to save space. (Also foolish)

Any help would be appreciated.
Press the power button for a long time, as thirty seconds. Try this several times. Leave it off the charger for a week or two, and try again. Connect an external USB keyboard, and see whether it reacts on CAPSLOCK and NUMLOCKL buttons.