Question Windows 10 update messed my computer up. Need help.

Jun 16, 2019
I was downloading the XBox Game Pass on PC and I had to update W10 for it so I did. After the update finished and my PC restarted, it told me "incorrect cable please use the dvi dual-link" and wouldn't go past that screen. Eventually I switched to HDMI and it started working, but now it's extremely laggy, my desktop constantly freezes and I have to close out explorer.exe and re-open it in Task Manager. I checked device manager and it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" for my GPU as well.


sound like gpu driver issue. uninstall with ddu and reinstall the latest

Could be either GPU drivers or Windows or some sort of issue between the two. Updated two of my PCs to 1903 update for Win10, and have had issues with both that weren't there before the update. Ryzen build HTPC no longer downclocks the CPU speed or voltage on balanced power profile anymore. Only power saving works, but it parks half the cores. My XPS 2-1 decided to out of the blue disable sound by itself and say no device was available. Trying new driver now.
Yes, saw that as well few days back. I installed it from ASUS' site, X470-I board in my case, but no change. I haven't gotten around to flashing UEFI yet, current version a year old as this point, as I planned on waiting for 3000 series launch as I intended to put in a 3900X. This may correct the problem, at least I hope. Getting of topic a bit though, we need to know the OPs full system specs.
Thanks for heads up. Have to try that when I get back home. I just checked ASUS' site, and the version I just installed last week from there is about 2 months older than AMD's site. It's been awhile since I've had to use AMD, Intel, ect. website for direct driver downloads vs. straight from the motherboard site. I'll report back if there is any change.


Mar 14, 2017
When I upgraded to 1903, I did see a message beforehand on another website saying you needed the latest and greatest chipset drivers. I went through and did those, along with some other drivers, as well as Bios. I've had next to no issues save one: the first time I load Diablo 3, it gives me an error saying it couldn't initialize Direct X. If I say OK to the error, it loads just fine. I've got the latest nvidia drivers, so I'm not sure what to chalk it up to, but if clicking OK is my one issue? I'll deal with it.
Just an update. As mentioned earlier in thread. Tried latest chipset drivers direct from AMD's website. Problem persists, still no downclocking or Vcore drop from idle/low load on balanced profile. Only power saving works.