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Question Windows 10 update messed up my PC

Jul 9, 2020
So, I have recently downloaded the newest Update and it was constantly popping up in the Action Center asking for installation and I decided to install it and left it to do its' job (as usual). The PC booted up fine after the update but I noticed some programs were that were on the desktop were missing their icons, as I they were uninstalled. I didn't think much about it and I turned off my PC.

The next day, I turned it on and immediately noticed something was wrong- the PC was stuck in a boot loop and it was doing so even before I could see the Windows logo or loading screen, so I could only see the manufacturer logo and the screen after (which I do not know how it's called, but it somewhat resembles CMD). That said, I used my Windows 10 USB Installer to try to fix the problem but exactly NONE of the Advanced methods worked, so I decided to install a new Windows 10.

Long story short, I have found all my files but they had been moved to another partition. What I mean is that the Windows 10 folder and all the data (Program files, etc…) that had been located in Local Disk C have now been "magically" moved to Local Disk D and vice versa, the files on Local disk D got transferred to Local Disk C.

So I did find my previous Windows user account and files and practically everything, but CANNOT ACCESS THEM for some reason. This has never happened to me and so my question is, is there a way for me to get back my previous version of Windows up and running (my user account, installed programs, everything basically) because all the files are there, but aren't necessarily where they SHOULD be located? If anyone has any idea how to fis this issue, please post them down below. Thank you.