Windows 10 update Windows 7/XP UI style


Aug 3, 2015
Hi folks,
Windows 10 updates itself through the Metro menu option (Settings-Update and Security). In a contrast, all previous versions updated itself through standard Windows UI Control Panel option which does not exists in Win 10. Newer Metro solution is inferior because one can't see a list of updates that are to be installed and to choose which are to be installed. Win 10 offers only option to uninstall the updates once they're been installed.
Now there is a simple reg hack which puts Windows update option in Classic Control Panel, but nevertheless it is just a shortcut to the Metro Windows Update.
Is there an option to get true Windows UI Update as on older versions of Windows?
I do agree that it feels like a downgrade, esp when Microsoft releases bad patches, including ones that can brick an OS.

The only way to pick and choose is to be on a Professional version of Windows 10 or better and have an internal WSUS server on your domain and point it to there and manage the WSUS server in regards to specific updates. IE: Businesses only