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Question Windows 10 updated and undid all my customizations - no desktop?! Please help!


Aug 10, 2016
When I reluctantly upgraded to Windows 10 from 7 back in January, the first thing I did was customize the OS to make it look and feel as close to 7 as possible, mainly using Openshell. I also manually deactivated Cortana and all the other nonsense I don't need or want.

Just updated Windows on the 6/19/2020 and now it's absolutely insufferable... instead of a desktop, I simply have "pinned files". Firefox doesn't have an option to minimize anymore, just close.

I want a classic desktop and windows explorer (something resembling windows 7) without all the gimmicky stuff than makes my desktop feel like a smartphone. Does anyone have any tips to reverting the settings back to how I had it last week? Or a program that overrides all the changes that I'm not at all willing to live with? I'm open to any suggestions or tips!
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