Windows 10 Upgrade from 7, taking forever?


Jan 9, 2015
Anyone else upgrade from Windows 7 recently?

Mine is taking forever! I bought another key for windows 7 to do the 10 upgrade and just installed 7 again this morning on an old slow spinning drive, and just got it some what functional driver wise before doing the 10 upgrade.

But this thing has been taking forever and i'm noticing its not working the PC components to hard. I was originally going to copy my original Windows 7 HDD to this new one and try to change the key but it wasn't duplicating, possibly because its a SSHD coping onto a HDD. Im not sure but I said screw it fresh install, network driver, graphics, chipset, a few others.

It seems to hang up starting at 87% installing windows 10 and crawling to the finish.

4790K and 8gigs of ram, I didn't think it would take this long. Its like a 7 hour deal now that will probably fail at 99% ha.

How long did yours take coming from windows 7



How are you Upgrading?
1) Why did you buy another W7 key?

If I read this correctly, it's for a DIFFERENT COMPUTER? If so, okay. Don't use the old key though. Clean install with the new key.

(also, did you yank the hard drive out of one computer and try to stick it on another computer? Not a good idea. New computer means you need a clean install.)

2) Time?
(I never timed it so these are guesses)
a) high-end PC with SSD-> about 15 minutes for clean install

b) low-end laptop with HDD-> about 30 minutes for clean install

3) Where did you get Windows 10?
a) MS Media Creation tool->
*When you create it must include your version of Windows (i.e. W7 Home 64-bit so must have W10 Home 64-bit... I think the tool includes Home/Pro 32/64-bit now).
I use RUFUS to create.

b) Only the target SSD installed
c) boot to W10 Install media (i.e. USB stick)
d) make sure the W10 version matches W7 version

e) DELETE any partitions on the drive
f) enter W7 key when prompted
g) finish MS updates, drivers etc

*Not entirely clear what your problem may be. If the W10 media is not corrupted (make sure you got from MS site), no system memory issues (Memtest86), then perhaps there is an issue with the HDD.

1) Memtest86
Run for a FULL PASS on default settings (roughly 30min per 8GB)

2) if issues, try making a Linux Mint stick and see if your hardware will run that. It's not clear if your PC worked before or not.

a) Download ISO (64-bit Cinnamon)->
b) Download RUFUS to create USB stick->
c) no other drives attached
d) boot to Linux and play around (basic functionality including network means it should install Windows)

3) HDD->
Was the HDD tested before?

Please confirm EXACTLY what you did for the clean install, and whether this is a new computer that hasn't been running an OS before or not.

Your post is a bit confusing.

In general, you want to test (at least Memtest86), then do a clean install of Windows.

If update hangs again, it's possible it's a NETWORK issue. Depends where it's hanging. You can choose to NOT upgrade the drivers or whatever prior to install. On the other hand, if you did NOT do that before perhaps do it now.

If wireless is buggy maybe a direct ETHERNET cable to the router/modem would be better.


Jan 9, 2015

Just the Windows 10 Anytime Upgrade deal or whatever. Whatever the web download deal through Microsoft is that you see near the clock on Win 7 taskbar.

And to photo

1) I want to keep using Win 7 so I bought it again to do the free upgrade. Total invested is $40 bucks. It is for the same computer. I have programs that run better on different OS's and im more accustom to working on them. I still have a hard drive with XP as some programs I have only work with it.

I have about 10 spare used HDD's the one I am using now is from a server. I wiped it and reformatted NTFS.

2. Thats about what I have now and its been running like butter on the other hard drive with Win 7 for awhile now.

3. I got a Windows 7 key and used the Microsoft tool down by the clock in the bottom right and downloaded there windows 10 upgrade app which does it all from the web i believe.

PC was working fine before, no complaints. So i'm not convinced its a hardware issue. Could be a hard drive issue potentially but im not that suspect of it just yet.

Network wise its a possibility although it has already downloaded the Win10 install. I goes through two parts so far, downloading win10 and installing win 10. Ive already downloaded it and its at the installing portion now.

I run a Cat-5 cable but I have a Linksys multi box thing. I forgot what its called. But this is a picture below. It turns one Ethernet port into 5, but I only have one thing utilizing the box at a time now and for the most part. Task manager says my link speed is 10mbps.

Im not positive what the deal is. I'm at like 96 percent on this second take so I don't want to axe the install after all this lol. However if there are any issues I will try it from a bootable usb.



Jan 9, 2015
I think it is mostly to blame on the HDD. Its a old 3.0gbs server drive. And it cant keep up. I made the bootable USB stick with the microsoft media and left the upgrade assistant at 99% and went to bed. In the am it had finished and I had windows 10. The HDD is maxed out all the time and causing everything to hic-cup while the CPU is at 2%

So I am shopping for a hard drive but thought I would ask for any opinions here. I'm looking at a 2TB seagate SSHD. I already have the 1TB version and im really happy with it but was wondering what other options I would have for this $90.

The 1TB is almost full, so don't think I would go with a 500gb SSD. Any other options?

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