Question Windows 10 USB MIDI Interface Problems

Circa 3000

Mar 23, 2009
Ever since the Windows Creators Update, I've had routine difficulty with my array of USB MIDI interfaces. Here's the symptoms:
  • Hardware MIDI interfaces must be powered up only AFTER Windows boots, or else the MIDI ports aren't recognized properly
  • Hardware MIDI interfaces must be powered up in the same order (I have 4 identical MOTU MIDI Timepiece A/V MIDI interfaces), or else the MIDI ports aren't recognized properly
  • Once the MIDI interfaces are powered up, Windows discovers/adds the respective MIDI ports to the Device Manager > Software Devices list at a rate of one I/O pair every 5-10 seconds. With 32 port pairs, that equates to five minutes to get up and running every morning.
  • When any of these requirements aren't followed, Windows refuses to recognize some of the MIDI ports and I must power off the MIDI interfaces and manually purge the MIDI ports from the device list (using Uwe Sieber's devicecleanupcmd tool) and start over so Windows can rebuild the device list from scratch.
Now, I've added more MIDI hardware to my system and the USB MIDI drivers it employs are conflicting with the aforementioned MIDI interfaces. So, the old workarounds are no longer sufficient and I must dig deeper to figure things out.

Being that these problems began with a Windows Update, I'm convinced they can be repaired with tweaks to the OS. But I'm not sure where to begin. What tools and techniques should I use to ferret out the source of this USB/MIDI problem?

For the record, only one of the MIDI interfaces is attached to a USB hub and I've tried three hubs with identical results. Prior to the Creators Update, the MIDI interfaces could be powered up before the PC and Windows would recognize all of the MIDI ports instantly.

Any advice is appreciated.