[SOLVED] Windows 10 version


Dec 31, 2017
Currently, the version of Windows 10 on the MS site is May 2019 - does anyone know if this includes all updates from, lets say, May 2019 to Sept 2019?

If not, where can I download the up-to-date Windows 10 for an air-gapped system?


Win 10 Master
The ISO never includes the updates that are released after it. However, the number of updates will be about 5 max as since it uses cumulative updates, you only get 1 CU + a few others for defender and .net and other things.

Current ISO is latest you can get on media

A new ISO is likely to be released once 1909 is out, its currently not out yet,


Jul 2, 2019
the USB includes updates?
Yes and no. Microsoft does update the ISO if they so choose. If you happen to be someone who keeps their ISO collection, and has downloaded them at different times, you can check this out.

The other day on another venue, someone asked if there was a way to find out what version of Windows 10 was associated with a given ISO that had been put on bootable USB media. Here was my answer:
Yes. But unless your memory for which build number goes with which version number as time marches on you're going to need to consult a page such as Windows 10 version history - Wikipedia or Windows 10 Version Numbers & Build Numbers as one step in the process.

On the bootable media there will be a file called setup.exe, which is what you run to install or upgrade Windows 10. If you open the file properties for that file then take a look at the Details tab under properties, you will find an entry for File Version which is of the form 10.0.{insert build number here}.{some single digit}. So, the setup file that has File Version 10.0.10586.0 is the installer for the Windows 10, Version 1511. The setup that has File Version 10.0.15063.0 is the installer for Windows 10, Version 1703. The setup that has file Version 10.0.18362.1 is for Version 1903. You get the idea.

If one mounts the ISO as a virtual DVD the same check can be done on setup.exe.

I know that I have had ISOs for the same major Version/Build number where earlier downloads had the .0 suffix and later ones the .1. I'm almost certain there were more than that for Version 1809, but don't have the time to check at the moment.


Win 10 Master
Unless you have to reinstall right now, I would wait a few weeks. Next version of win 10 can't be far away now.

The latest I have seen on 1909 is its due out last week Oct or early Nov, unless something big is found. So I would honestly wait and get the newest ISO of it when its out. Your choice, the next update process is said to be faster than it has been so it might not be as long or noticeable.