Question Windows 10 white flashing screen after log-in ?


Oct 20, 2017
So a week or so ago after restarting my pc I ran into an issue where my pc would boot to a white screen after the login screen, it would stay flashing white and not allow me to use normal functionality. It would do this every time I booted it. After about 20-25 mins just being left alone everything would load up normally as if nothing was wrong. I've Tried scanning for malware/viruses tried using sfc to check if windows files are corrupted and they came up with nothing. the only thing that managed to fix it was Repairing windows by upgrading via windows media creation tool, this worked for a few days until It happened again so I used the same process to fix it. and now a few days later it started happening again and I wanted to see if there was any way to fix this besides reinstalling windows every few days.

So I have a bit more digging into the issue it seems the issue doesnt happen when I launch into safe mode.
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