News Windows 10 Will Ditch Live Tiles (Report)


Oct 19, 2011
The only live tile that I find useful is the weather info one. I normally set that one to the largest size possible. I never found a use for any of the other live tiles. I normally turn live tiles off because most of them are distracting or not useful.

I do like the tiles idea -- not live tiles, just the different sized tiles. Microsoft never really finished it though. They should have hired an artist to create a library of icons and tiles for apps rather than just slapping the normal exe icon in a box. Microsoft could have learned something from the Linux community's shell theme developers and artists who create icons to go with their UI themes.
I always thought the Live Tiles made sense for a few applications. I loved my Windows phone and Live Tiles were a big part of that. However, using Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, I never really used the Live Tiles as more than a shortcut. It wasn't that I didn't like them, but with the infinite power of a full PC with the internet at my disposal and all the information of the world at my fingertips, Live Tiles were inadequate. Sure I could open my start menu and see the weather at the moment, but I rarely look at the weather for the moment. It was only an additional click to get to a website that not only told me the current weather, but gave me radar, an idea of what the weather for the day was going to be, and a forecast for the next few days. The only other moderately useful Tile was the mail one, and really I just open my mail because I want to see everything.

I'm not going to miss the tiles, they took up a lot of space, they were more difficult to organize than just some icons, and just generally felt clunky. They were never really utilized to their potential. I kind of hope we get something better.
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Chung Leong

Dec 6, 2019
I always thought the Live Tiles made sense for a few applications. I loved my Windows phone and Live Tiles were a big part of that.
Live Tiles make a lot of sense on a communication device where the apps often have something to tell you. Ones that don't--say Word or Excel--you can shrink them down to quarter-tile buttons. The scheme works since productivity apps aren't frequently used on a phone. On a PC the usage pattern is opposite.

I hope Microsoft will bring the UI back in an Android phone. Notifications are such a bane of the Android experience. Placing these (usually less-than urgent) messages into Live Tiles would really help bring peace of mind.


Aug 25, 2007
Isn't this a bit academic? Doesn’t everybody use Open Shell (Classic Shell) instead?
I found Windows 10 Tiles clunky and clumsy … didn't like the retro look either. Wanted to stay with an easy to use solution so implemented Star Docks Start 10 solution … its configurable, works seamlessly and cost peanuts.