[SOLVED] Windows 10 won’t install

Sep 20, 2019
Hi All,

Here is some context, I made my drives all active without thinking, booted up my pc today, and it couldn’t start up, said something about a bootbdc not being found/corrupt, after doing extensive problem solving and doing things here and there (recovery/backup/bootrcd/rebuildbdc, fixmbr), I decided to format my two disks, there’s nothing on them, at all, no files, nothing.

HOWEVER... when I use a usb (my own use) to install windows, it come up with an error and doesn’t boot, says it looking for a file, tried another usb (my friends usb with windows 10 also), same error.

I used a windows 10 disk, it doesn’t have the error, let’s me get to installing windows 10 but another error occurs, stopping at 2% of windows installation.

like I said I have formatted my drives using cmd, formatted drive 1 (512gb m.2. SSD) to ntfs where I was trying to install windows, it’s also the primary drive.

The second drive is a 1TB SSD.

Can someone please help me, I will lose my mind soon