Question Windows 10 won't boot after connecting another SSD.

Jun 18, 2019
I have windows 10 on a SSD and Centos 7 on a partition of a HDD. I was in windows then I powered off the machine and connected another SSD I didn't have a cable for previously then when I went to boot back into windows it automatically went to Centos even though I specifically chose to boot from the windows drive. It still shows the drive and Centos is not installed on the same drive so it's odd that it goes straight to Centos when I choose to boot from that drive. Absolutely nothing else was changed with the configuration hardware or software other than connecting an SSD and trying to boot back into windows.

If I disconnect the drive with Centos 7 on it windows boots fine but as soon as I reconnect the drive windows boot gets overridden. Also this has nothing to do with boot order as I set the windows drive to be the highest priority boot drive. As soon as the drive with Centos is connected it prevents any other drive from booting. Perhaps I have to modify the grub to allow for a windows boot option? This is weird because I didn't have to do that before. All I had to do was select that I wanted the windows drive to boot and it worked fine.
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