Question Windows 10 won't let me log in with my Microsoft account, instead only allows me to use it through a Local Admin account.

Mar 26, 2019
So i did a clean install of Windows 10. I have Windows 10 Enterprise. I had the same Windows before that as well, and i have my key, it's an original Windows, no issues with that. But the thing is that before i did the new installation i had my windows run with a Microsoft account. Right now it doesn't let me do that and i am forced to use the local Administrator account. For whatever reason, even the Administrator account doesn't have some privileges. I should mention that when i did the new installation, it made my PC think its a school computer, so i barely had any access at all. When you Install windows and it asks you to login with an account, it didn't let me login with my microsoft account, instead it let me login with my office365 account, which is a Student account provided from my school, so i logged in and yeah, it made my PC think its a school computer. I went through so much trouble to get the Admin profile. Please help me, i want to access my PC the proper way, with my Microsoft account.


My brother is a co-ceo of a company, he gave me the key.
I wonder if he knows what he did is a violation of the terms of service. Those keys are only suppose to be used on company owned systems not given to family. If Microsoft finds out the fine likely won't be cheap. Possible Microsoft have disabled your Microsoft account from working on the OS. Can you log on to your account elsewhere?