Question Windows 10 Won't Load Correctly

Aug 3, 2020
My PC is about 4 and a half years old and has had some OS issues in the past. Around 6 months ago I had to do a fresh install of windows after getting a 0x0000e error everytime I booted. Yesterday, my screen went black suddenly and the PC had trouble booting when I hit the restart button. Eventually I got a "Recovery - it looks like Windows didn't load correctly" screen.

I entered command prompt and tried chdsk and bootrec but the PC still couldn't boot so I did a fresh install of windows. The PC then working for a few hours before the screen went black again and the same issue occured.
I then pluged and unpluged the SATA cable for my SSD where my system files are kept and then tried to do another fresh install. This time when it came time to partition the drives the SSD no longer showed up as a drive, so I then installed windows on my HHD thinking it was a SSD problem.

About an hour later the screen went black and I'm back on a "Recovery - it looks like Windows didn't load correctly" error screen after trying to get it to reboot. Could it be a software problem of sorts or a larger hardware problem?

128GB Samsung SSD (this is where the system files were kept)
1TB WD Blue Hard Drive
i5 6600k
Sapphire r9 390 4 or 8GB VRAM (cant remember which but I think 8)
AsRock k170 Fatality MOBA
16 GB Corsair Vengence RAM
EVGA 650GS Powersupply
Windows 10 1079


Win 10 Master
That isn't a software problem, its hardware as it survived a few reinstalls of windows. If it were software the installs should have fixed it.

Now you could take GPU out and run off the motherboard graphics out, that at least tell you if its the GPU to blame.