Question Windows 10 won't read GPT partition

Aug 22, 2019
I am migrating from my old Windows 7 computer to a new Windows 10 computer. I got a 4TB SSD for this purpose (seperate from the OS drive). I installed the drive in Windows 7, formatted it with GPT, and copied my files over. I removed the drive, installed it in my Windows 10 box, and it isn't appearing correctly in disk management, its showing as an MBR drive with a "GPT Protected Partition". Moving the drive back to Windows 7 it works fine. Any ideas on why Windows 10 wouldn't see this as a GPT drive? I've gone through most of the BIOS settings and the problem doesn't appear to be there.
When you formatted the drive in Windows 7 you probable created a "Primary partition" instead of an "Extended partition". You can not see the drive on the Windows 10 computer because there is already a primary partition (your Windows 10 boot drive) and only one primary partition can be active and visible at a time. The 2nd is hidden.