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Question Windows 10 Won't Update After Ubuntu Reinstallation


Jun 3, 2019
So early on in the pandemic I thought I would start catching up on things I've wanted to do but hadn't had time, one of these was installing an Ubuntu partition on my desktop. I followed the process on the Ubuntu website but, for whatever reason, the installation wouldn't boot. While reinstalling Ubuntu I used the option "Uninstall Ubuntu and reinstall Ubuntu" since it seemed convenient, but found out a few minutes later that it messed with my Windows 10 partition booting (which booted fine after the first Ubuntu installation). Using a USB with Windows 10 downloaded I was able to use diskpart, fixboot, etc. (it was a couple months ago so I don't exactly remember) to get the computer booting again BUT it fails Windows 10 updates and hasn't been booted since. It gets through ~96% of the update and then has error 0x80070003. I have tried pretty much everything I can find online between stopping and restarting the updater to using the command prompt before booting to run fixboot. I'm open to ideas short of just reinstalling Windows 10 since that's my plan if I can't figure it within a couple weeks. Thank you for you help!