Question Windows 11 rumors -- will Windows Media Center be in it ?


Nov 13, 2008
I still use Windows 7 64, for one reason --
there is nothing in Windows 10 which is worth sacrificing
/Watch TV/Record TV/Playback TV/ with Win7 built-in WMC.
i.e. /Windows 7 764/Windows Media Center/Silicondust/CableCard/
Is Windows Media Center planned to be included by Microsoft in Windows 11 ?


Nov 13, 2008
Unfortunately, Microsoft never promoted the massive
TV Watch. TV Record, TV Playback advantages that
Windows Media Center (WMC) presents, with its storage integration
with Windows Explorer (file explorer),
with its columns like Date Created, Date Modified, Broadcast Date,
Length, Channel Number, Episode Name, Program Description, Title,
Station Call Sign, Station Name, etc spread across the screen
with the inherent built in Column Sort and Search capability.

/Windows 8/Windows 10/ were a diversion of the Windows code base
to develop synergy with their cell phone software code base,
which failed anyway.

Because of this, many Windows 7 features were lost (e.g. WMC) or damaged,
and many hardware devices, which work perfectly on Windows 7 64,
still do not have Windows 10-specific device drivers to allow them to work
with Windows 10.

Microsoft should go back to the Windows 7 64 software code base,
with its built-in Windows Media Center (WMC),
fix WMC bugs, allow user to select the fonts used in WMC,
separate Closed Captions window scrollable back and forth, with cut and paste,
allow several laptops in 1 household to share Encryption Keys
(maybe Homegroup based Encryption Keys),
allow Editing into a separate file segments of Encrypted files,
make the WMC player multi-instance (like VLC),
normal single-window pull-down menu user interface --
even at this late date, WMC can become very successful.

MS should update Windows 7 64 and release it as Windows 11.

There is absolutely nothing in Windows 10 that is worth
sacrificing Windows Media Center (WMC).
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