Question Windows 11 Windows File Explorer Issue

Jan 31, 2022
Windows File Explorer opening is erratic. The screen displays “working on it” for a long time or without end. Constant reboots and restarts do not immediately help but then suddenly it works.

It is however important to note that all the drives causing “working on it” in Explorer are fully accessible/navigable when using Power Shell. Even at the same instance that explorer shows “working on it”.

All the current documented “fixes” do not solve the issue. The machine is not connected to the Internet.


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and Windows 11 edition/version information.

Use Task Manager and Resource Monitor (use both but only one at a time) to observe what the computer is doing while "working on it".

Process Explorer (Microsoft, free) may also prove helpful.

In some of the column headers you will see small upward or downward pointing arrows. Clicking in those column headers will sort the data in ascending or descending order. Very helpful if the presented results keep jumping up and down.

Just open the tool window before launching Explorer. Move to one side and let the system stabelize first. Then open Explorer.