Windows 2000 freezes up!


Jan 12, 2004
I was wondering if anybody can help me understand why my computer freezes up every now and then. Here's the story:
It can happen at any moment, I cannot associate it with any software or user's action. On average it happens every 30 min to 6 hours. It is not related to CPU's temperature. I re-seated all the components ( including CPU ) all fans running OK and temperature is in range ( high 30's deg C ). I also got a new power supply ( NOVIA MS-350ATX ). My system has QDI Legend Kinetiz MB and Duron 1.3 GHz CPU. It also has 196 MB of RAM. It runs with 100 MHz front bus. My graphics is 2X AGP ATI Rage 128.
I tried replacing BIOS battery, loading fail safe BIOS settings etc. No change.
Is there a utility that I could run, that could display some vital parameters on the screen so when it freezes I could see what it is?
When it freezes all I can do is press Reset button.
I also tried runing minimal set of applications ( killed others through Task Manager ), but did not help.
Also tried removing RAM leaving one at a time ( 64 MB )

I am desperate, please help!

Thank you.


Check logs in Event Viewer to see if anything is screwing up. Could be hardware on the way out, if so, it may have an entry in the System Log you can tally the time and date to of your lock-ups.

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