Windows 2000 install can't find HD


Jan 20, 2002
OK. I couldn't get OpenGL to work with my computer, so I think to format / reinstall XP (I had read that Voodoo video cards leave files/settings that are otherwise impossible to remove). So I reboot and delete the C: partition (with the XP installer). Then the XP CD [-peep-] up, and I say [-peep-] it, and go back to 2000. So put in the 2000 CD and reboot. It says it can't detect my hard drives. So I take out my hard drive (hot swappable SCSI) put it in another computer. There's a Logical partition that XP install left, so I delete it. I try again to install 2000, but it still can't find my hard drive. So I use FDISK and make a new partition and format it. Still doesn't work. I take the drive out again and format the partition to NTFS, and it still doesn't work. I just tried the XP CD, and it does see my hard drives. I have 3 in, I've tried it with only one, it still doesn't work. I'm going to try to install XP again. Can anyone help?


May 17, 2001
during the install, if says press F8 (or F6 or whatever) to install a 3rd party scsi driver, did you try doing that and putting your card driver in ?

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