windows 2000 internet explorer


Jan 29, 2004
I cannot open internet explorer. The error reporting service pops up everytime and says that there was a problem. I can open windows explorer and access the internet by typing in addresses there. I have tried repairing and reinstalling internet explorer several times and have had no luck. Any ideas?


Aug 30, 2003
i had that problem when i installed win2k once but i think it might have been a bjorked install cos a few things were wonky.... i just formated reinstalled windows and upgraded to IE6 and it has been fine since. im assuming your error is when u double click the explorer icon that screen appears "explorer has generated errors and will be shut down send this error report blah blah blah"

so if u have just installed win2k try another install and upgrade to ie6.

but that might be a drastic action and there may be a much easier solution.

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Feb 9, 2004
Go to Start --> Run --> Type in iexplore about:blank
If IE starts it is the website you have set as default that is causing a problem on start up. Sometimes hackware and crap changes your home site to something not quite on the up and up. If your IE does come up go to Tools --> Internet Options --> General tab --> Home Page setting --> if the site listed is something normal that should work say or or something then your install might be corrupt, if it is not and has been changed (possibly without your knowledge) than change it and save the setting. Once you do that you should be ok. Take note though that if your Home site was changed without your knowledge you either clicked yes when ya should have said no or you need to upgrade the security of your IE.
good luck