Windows 2000 = Weird


Dec 31, 2007
Alright, some strange stuff happened on my new Windows 2000 machine. For no reason, at 8:00 in the morning yesterday, the computer just turned on!!! Never seen that before... And, I was just using it and it rebooted for no reason. There was no error or lock up, it just rebooted. Could this have anything to do with ACPI? Cuz when I installed 2000, it said my mobo doesn't isn't compatible with Windows 2000 ACPI, and to get a new BIOS. But, I have the most recent BIOS for my mobo so I had to disable it by hitting F7 during install, like it said. Could that be the culprit for this wierd system behavior, and if so, is there anything I can do to put it in its place :p? Thanks...


could be hacker or enimy.
a lot of PC's can be turned on remotely through the LAN card's MAC address. in your BIOS you will probably have an option to "remotely wake PC" make sure this is disabled.


could be something with power management like you said in your post.


Feb 8, 2001
(I'm not sure if this works without ACPI)

there is a setup option in some BIOSes to let the computer switch on at any preset time. There are also some software that can be run to shut down the computer at any scheduled time.

I'm not sure if you have any of these installed or downloaded one without knowing.

or then ofcoarse it could be something totally different.

but, there you go...


Dec 31, 2007
Try this if your m/b and/or BIOS isn't 100% ACPI compatible:

- Right-click on [My Computer] (on your desktop) and pick "properties"
- A new window called "system properties" should open
- Goto the "Hardware" tab and pick "Device Manager"
- A new window called "Device Manager" should open
- Click on the "+" next to "Computer"
- It should open a branch called "ACPI PC" or something similar
- Right-click on "ACPI PC" and pick "properties"
- It should open a new window called "ACPI PC preperties"
- Goto the "Driver" tab and pick "Update Driver"
- It should open the "Upgrade Device Driver Wizzard" (pick "Next" to continue)
- Select "Display a list of the known drivers..." and pick "Next"
- Select "Show all hardware of this device class" and you should be presented with a list of computer types
- Under "(Standard computers)" select "Standard PC" and pick "Next"
- Follow the rest of the intructions in the Wizzard. It will probably reboot your computer.

Note that this will disable all ACPI/power management features. To restore just change your computer type back to whatever it was before by the same method.

- JW