Windows 32 error


Mar 8, 2010
Hello,I get photo's AND I try to download it and it says jpg is not a valid win 32 application.I have a windows vista and it use to open them


Dec 21, 2009
Get Picasa from google, its an excellent tool for home use..
open the picture with picasa..

a *.jpg file opening gives a not vallid file error

solution to this is that the link in windows informs windows to open *.jpg with a program that is not correct win32 openable .

2 possible common causes.
the link is wrong
the file is wrong
for instance if you have extentions hidden , something could be displayed as namehere.jpg
what you wouldnt see is namehere.jpg.scr
and that would be a virus , but mostly people are warned enough about those nasty things so they have virus protection , and if that would have been the case your virus scanner would of had a busy day :)

so picking the first possible cause , the wrong link
easy enough you can right click on the jpg file and you can then select " open with " rollout menu to the side then the option open with if im correct wich causes a dialogbox to pop up informing you of a list of all the software programs currenly active installed in windows.

jpg file i would prefer to open with something that always works and normally present in windows either windows imaging ( wich is in the list ) or MS paint .



Try opening with Irfanview (Freeware).

First make sure that those photos are no affected with viruses.
Viruses can also cause those sort or issues.

Hold Shift &Place mouse on jpg file & right click, select open with Choose Internet explorer, to check whether the JPG files are still OK to use.

If it opens Fine with IE, then either Select IE as Default program to open JPG or Whatever application you want.

IF the JPG not opening in IE means, that may be corrupted or infected with viruses.
Downoad & Run scan with Malwarebytes and Check for threats and remove