Windows 7 64bit randomly freezes,restarts,BSOD


Jul 10, 2017
Hello,for past two months my PC has been freezing restarting or getting random BSOD's with no scheme.Sometimes while playing games (mainly osu!,Overwatch,PUBG,Gwent)sometimes just when i left my computer with desktop opened,sometimes while using google chrome.

My specs:

GPU:Gigabyte Radeon HD 7790 1GB(ye i know its old i want to replace it with gtx 1050TI)

MoBo:Asus m5a78l-m lx3

RAM:GoodRam Play 8GB DDR3 1600MHz(only 1 stick.. i know its bad)

HDD:WD Green 1TB

PSU: neotec magnus 600w(didn't find it on black list)

System:Windows 7 Professional N 64 bit

Things that i tried:

-Resetting BIOS by taking my battery out

-Updating my Drivers for graphics card

-Downgrading ^

-memtests(0 errors after 3 tests)

-disassembling and assembling whole computer

-Changed thermal paste

-Updating to Windows 10 Pro N 64bit

Apps that im using in background:

-Wallpaper Engine(app for a animated wallpaper,Works perfectly on my friends PC)

-Discord(this is app which im using to talk with my friends,i think its on chrome engine but not 100% sure)

-Razer Synapse(mouse and keyboard software)

I need anything cause this is getting really annoying(freeze/BSOD/Restart 4 times a day,sometimes more often)

Edit:I took a photo of bluescreen:
it is WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR bugcheck called by the cpu

update the BIOS and drivers from the motherboard vendor and remove any overclocking drivers for the GPU and CPU. Blow out any dust from the fans in the system

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