Windows 7 Abrupt Random Restarts


Jul 23, 2013

For the past week, my windows 7 desktop (custom built) has been randomly restarting, no bsod. It would sometimes last several hours, then restart, other times it would restart seconds after restarting, causing startup repair to come up and attempt repair, only for the restart to occur at another random time. Other times chkdsk run at startup and removes some 'corrupted' disk files, but the system will still restart at random intervals.

I've noticed my computer WILL NOT restart when I unplug the internet cable (USB wireless card) so for awhile I've been thinking its either a USB port problem, or a power problem to my USB port. Because in addition to the internet, plugging in any phone/USB charging device would cause an instant restart on plug in, denoting it probably is a USB/power problem. I have tried all USB ports on my desktop(front, back, 2.0/3.0) still same result.

I have disabled windows automatic restart, scanned my computer multiple times with BitDefender 2015 and SpyHunter, ran chkdsk multiple times, still no luck, I have completely no idea why my computer is experiencing such restarts.

Any help would be eminently appreciated, this has been the most frustrating issue I have experience with this built for the two years I have owned it.
Sounds like a shorting issue related to your USB ports like you stated.

Try the Breadboarding method, take off your mobo from the case and put it on a breadboard box, like the box the mobo came in. Connect all devices outside the case and see if the problem persists. (good moment to clean all dust inside the case, fans etc).

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