Question Windows 7 at startup work very slow


Feb 8, 2014
Hello :)

First sorry for not my perfect English :)

When i turn on my PC he need 3-5 minutes to start working. Any icon i click need minutes to process after that it normal. This problem star yesterday and between this time i have 3 error too windows stop working i have to reset my PC.

I have i5 4570 and Gtx 970

I have 2 hard discs.
On primary hard drive C i have SSD there i have all programs and windows.
On second hard drive D i have HDD where i have games, movies...

Yesterday when this problem start i update windows 7 still the same problem.
I start clean up disc and erase all temporary files TEMP.
I try to return my system to last week but i couldnt because i didnt have dates before yesterday.
I run Crucial Storage Executive and program say my hard drives are in good health.
I disconnect HDD hard disc and it was the same.
I run my PC in safe mode but i didnt find the problem.
I disable all programs like Steam and similar that they don t start when i turn on PC.

What could be the problem ?

Thanx for the help