Windows 7 Backup & Recovery VS Acronis, Paragon, etc! - SSD


Dec 18, 2011

I would be interested to hear views concerning reliability of the Windows 7, built in Backup & Restore facility, compared to third party offerings, such as Acronis, or Paragon!

I am especially interested in backing up the Operating System (not personal data - personal data is kept on a separate hard drive)

I have just ordered a new PC, with two Corsair 120 GB hard drives; plus a 1 TB HDD!

One SSD will have my operating system on it ; the other, I plan to use for working folders (Such as Windows Live Mail, MS Money, & Photoshop scratch disc)!

I had also thought of backing up the original operating system, as installed by the manufacturer, on to the 2nd SSD; thought this might be safer than backing up to the HDD (Reduce risk of alignment problems - like to like)!

Hence my original question!

I have never used Windows 7, Backup & Restore, to back up operating system, and I wondered how this compared with Acronis True Image Home; specifically, in terms of reliability!

I would be especially interested anyone's experience of restoring an operating system to a SSD (Not migration from a HDD)

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