(Windows 7) Blue-screen on startup after windows logo, before login


Aug 23, 2014
I've been checking around here after similar issues but couldn't find anything that helped me.

I get bluescreen right before the screen where I can log in. After it reboots itself it tells me something went wrong and wants to selfrepair. Upon the selfrepair it can't resolve it and then just shuts off. I've tried to load it from an earlier, workable state, offline but it doesn't help. I can't even go into safe-mode, even there I get bluescreen. As right now the only thing I can access is BIOS and repair.

The bluescreen looks like this, if it helps. http://i.imgur.com/dsURPl5.jpg

I just can't think of what could have made this happen.

note: it's about 6:30am in the morning for me when posting this now, been up and trying to get it work half the night. I'll check back when I wake up if there is any difference or if there is any tips here. Thank you in advance.
The causes can be installing a driver, or any change made in the bios.
Or that you have a bad memory stick.

Try to remember if you installed a bit of software, or downloaded and installed a new driver before it started to go wrong.
When you boot the system, tap the F8 key in rapid succession till you get to the extended boot options.
select boot in safe mode.
This will load windows in safe mode with the basic set of MS drivers.
Now if the system boots all the way into windows it confirms there is a driver problem or a conflict.
You should then go to back up and restore option in windows.
Open it up and look at the last backup check point that was made.
It will state the date and time and, often say waht program ect was intended to be installed after the backup.
If it states one simply restore the system to a point before it in time and date.
The problem should be fixed after that.

If safe mode does not work you can use the set of repair tools provided on the windows 7 install dvd. You have a corruption of the windows registry or a bad memory module, in such a case depending on how many memory sticks you have take them out and put one in see if the system boots into windows.
add another one till you find the bad memory stick.
as the error should appear once again.



Aug 23, 2014

Hi, Shaun o

I'm suspecting it to be a driver issue, but I can't solve it from here.
What I've tried so far without any success is:
-switching the ram sticks back and forth
-reset BIOS
-safe mode (blue screen when trying to get safe mode)
-earlier windows backup check point (and done it without internet plugged in if that would somehow screw with it)
bugcheck 50 page fault in non paged area.
windows update introduced a update that was pulled later. if you have installed the update and then rebooted and you have a corrupted font cahce file
or one in a non default location. Then your system will crash with this error when you attempt to boot or boot into safe mode.

To fix this you have to boot on a separate windows image and go and delete the file

(most common location with the issue)
then your system should boot ok.

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