Windows 7 drivers for epson stylus 830 photo printer?


Dec 1, 2009
I have just upgraded from XP to windows 7 x64, however windows 7 has no drivers for the epson stylus 830 printer. I am now unable to use my printer. I have been onto the epson website but no driver is listed there. I have also looked for vista drivers but the printer is only supported in XP. Does anyone know of a workaround to get this printer working in windows 7? The printer used to work in XP x64 with the epson stylus 870 printer dirver as there was no x64 drivers for the 830. There is not even a windows 7 driver for the 870 so I am really stuck.

Thanks Dave


About your only option now would be to use Windows XP Mode (hopefully you bought Windows 7 Professional or higher) and connect the printer to the VM. Yes, there is the extra step of having to move the document you want to print into the VM first, but it beats having to buy a newer printer if you really want to avoid going that route.

Failing that, you're pretty much screwed. Either Contact Epson to determine a timeline for the release of a compatible driver, or get a new printer.

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