Windows 7 Graphics Scores. Who has the highest?


Jan 13, 2006
I just ran the Win 7 Computer Performance test after installing the latest drivers and I still only have a 7.7 with my 2 GPUs(see in sig) I wonder what it takes to get over 8 or 9? Anyone else have higher scores?


Sep 29, 2007
The assessment is a crock lol.

I've got 3.8 ghz Q9450 w/ 4 gigs of Ram, 3 285s and 2 raptors in Raid 0 and my HDD is 5.9 (which brings my over all to 5.9)

CPU 7.3
Ram 7.3
Aero 7.9
Video 7.9
Disk 5.9


I was thinking of going i7 860 since its price/ performs better than the 920, but the tri channel is just to tempting to pass up.

So will see, seeing as I'm waiting for the 300s for a hopeful price war. :)

Thank god Nvidia chips are gone

RIP Nforce (That'll do pig!)


Dec 31, 2007

Yeah its a crock for sure since the thing will cap certain scores based on tech. So a DX9 only card is capped at a 5.9. My systems are all capped at 5.9 on HD, probably because they are not SSD drives and they are capped at 5.9. Strangely a 500GB 7200rpm Seagate Momentus gets a 5.9 in Vista x64 and Windows 7x64, but so does the 7200rpm 2x640GB Raid 0 in my tower. According a WEI a Raid 0 set of Raptors is just as good as a single 7200rpm laptop HD.
That hard disk thing does seem messed up. My single WD 500GB scoring the same as RAID drives? Does it even test them? The others I thought were a little better though, but there is definitely some fuzzy math going on for a few of them. But, I forgive them. They gave me plenty of other goodies to play around with, like XP Mode, so I'm happy.