Windows 7 - help me! Nvidia control panel?


Oct 16, 2009
Where is Nvidia control panel? Just went from XP 32 bit to 7 64 bit.

I go to device manager and window says its the most up to date drivers. Am I supposed to get the drivers straight from nvidia after upgrading from XP to 7?

I tried dloading the drivers I believed I need, but when I tried to install them it gave me a bunch of errors saying I dloaded the 32 bit version (wrong).

I really dont know what Im supposed to do. The Nvidia control panel is non-existant and I would like to get it back.

Can someone tell me what driver I need?

Win7 64 bit, Nvidia Geforce 7950GT video card.


It's never shown up the RC or the RTM that I've installed.

I had to go looking for it the first time I tried the Beta and just assumed it was the same for everyone but maybe not, interesting but as you say, if you do an install and it appears to have gone AWOL you now know why.