Question Windows 7 image not found on backup drive ?

Feb 7, 2021
This is an odd issue I'm having:

I have always been able to restore from a system image from my backup drive but now for some reason although it has the image file I can't find it when I check to see if it can be restored. System says it can't find the backup drive. But my system can read anything from the back up drive with no issue. The hard drive has all the files that its needs for a backup the Medid.bin the folder with the system name and the WindowsImageBackup folder all in the root of the drive. I had the system dual booting windows 10 and 7 windows 10 screwed up and I went to restore and windows 7 and wasn't able to. I had to delete windows 10 and reinstall my windows 7 system I took about a week to put every think back. I decided to make a system image which worked fine but I decided to check to see if it would work if I needed it and it doesn't find the system image. Its on a My Book backup drive from western digital. Thing worked like a dream before I messed up and installed windows 10 as a duel boot. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

That's what I get for not leaving well enough alone :)


Is it currently working as a dual boot and this was only a test of the restore process?
if yes, then install Macrium Reflect Free, probably on the w10 install, and use it to create your image as well as having it create its own USB rescue drive.